HibouAir Application

Monitor and analyze all your real time air quality data easily using HibouAir App.

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Our powerful air quality monitoring application will give you access to real-time data with various maps, charts and graphs for you to analyze.

Current Sensor report

Tracks key environmental factors like pressure, temperature, humidity, VOC, particle matters or CO2 that affect your health and get an overview of last 7 days air quality data at a glance.

Scan nearby devices using HibouAir App

Access real-time air quality data over using the mobile app and get an overview of your surrounding environment.

How HibouAir works?

Install the App

Download and install the HibouAir mobile app from Google Play / App Store or windows app from our site.

Connect your device

Connect your device to a power source and get close to the device to get air quality data using HibouAir app.

Enjoy the features!

The device will accurately inform you about the air quality throguh HibouAir mobile and desktop app.

Simple & Clean Interface

HibouAir App is available for all devices

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