• December 13, 2022

Importance of monitoring the indoor air quality levels at warehouses and manufacturing plants

Workers within factories and warehouses are exposed to substantial amounts of chemicals and pollutants, making air quality a critical safety issue for anyone working in these environments. Air quality in industrial manufacturing plants has an immense impact on a person’s health, and therefore, their ability to work.

How does the poor indoor air quality affect your business?

Although air pollutants are invisible, they can have a serious impact on our health. Air pollutants can cause respiratory diseases and even cancer, along with other health effects, causing sick-leaves. The cost of one sick-leave day can cost even hundreds of euros for an employer. The indirect effect of it is a poor employer image, that makes it difficult to recruit qualified personnel. According to this, it is very important to monitor the indoor air quality in warehouses and manufacturing plants. Air quality measures particulate matter (PM) and CO2, along with other environmental factors such as VOCs, ambient temperature, humidity, pressure, and ambient light. 

Indoor air quality monitors

The data collected from air quality monitoring would primarily help us identify polluted areas, the level of pollution and air quality level. 

Smart Sensor Devices are providing the indoor air quality monitors called HibouAir. Quick & easy set up. No need for a Wi-Fi, gateway or cloud. Access air quality measurement history in the HibouAir analytics app, and gain insight to live a healthy life for you and your employees everyday.

This air quality monitor provides CO2 or PM and volatile organic compounds (VOC) and also the other parameters such as humidity, temperature, atmospheric pressure & light level that affect the ambient environment around us. 

For more information please visit our websites Smart Sensor Devices and HibouAir.

The indoor air quality monitoring solution

  • 5 CO2 Air quality sensor
  • 1 USB dongle
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