Get air quality data to multiple devices at once

  • Suitable for office, home, gym, greenhouse gardening and other indoor places with wide range of applications.

  • Compact in size, beautiful in appearance, lightweight and portable, easy to take out and carry around.

multiple air quality monitor room

Quick & easy set up. No need for a wifi, gateway or cloud

Access air quality measurement history in the HibouAir analytics app, and gain insight to live a healthy life for you and your loved ones everyday.

Store up to 7 days of air quality history for review. Can be accessed from mobile or dasktop application.

store air quality data 7 day week

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Monitor air quality
at small office

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air quality monitoring room management

Get real-time environmental data on your desktop

download air quality app windows

download air quality app mac

HibouAir Desktop Application

download air quality app windows download air quality app mac

HibouAir Desktop Pro Application

download air quality app windows download air quality app mac
connect to air quality device

HibouAir to a power source

Connect the HibouAir sensor to a power source and get close to the device.


HibouAir USB dongle to your computer

USB port can be found on the front, back, or side of the computer (the location may vary depending on whether its a desktop or a laptop).

run air quality application

the HibouAir desktop application

Open the HibouAir desktop application that you have downloaded earlier and click connect.

access air quality data

real-time environmental data

Real-time air quality data of your surrounding environment will be shown on your desktop. The data will be updated every 30 seconds.

Your comfort and health depends on your indoor environment

We live in a world where pollution is on the rise. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, people are spending more time at home, therefore, it is essential to take steps to protect our health. Having an indoor air quality monitor is one of the best ways to know how healthy the air we are inhaling is.

The first step towards improving air quality is to measure it accurately and monitor it on-site or even remotely. To address such needs, Smart Sensor Devices offer affordable air quality monitoring devices called HibouAir with a simple setup that provides real-time air quality data of the surroundings. This home air quality monitor provides not only the concentration of different elements in the air such as CO2 or PM and volatile organic compounds (VOC) but also the other parameters such as humidity, temperature, atmospheric pressure & light level that affect the ambient environment around us.

air quality monitor family indoor

HibouAir - Complete Air Quality Monitoring Solutions

air quality monitoring for desktop
HibouAir Particle and CO2 sensors

Reliable air quality monitor plug and play device that provides indoor environments air pollution level.

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air quality monitoring app
HibouAir Analytics App

Powerful analytical application provides access to real-time air quality data of your surrounding environment.

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Work in a healthy environment

Know if your indoor environment is healthy or not with a single glance at Best smart air quality monitor HibouAir analytics app. Measure the key parameters of your indoor environment, receive alerts when there's changes.


  • Wireless

    Bluetooth connected device allows you get real time air quality data with the HibouAir analytics app.

  • Energy Efficient

    HibouAir is a system based on eco-friendly casing and low energy components.

  • Easy Control

    A simple app alerts you when AQI are not within range at your premisis.

HibouAir indoor air quality monitor
  • Simple Setup

    Easy Plug-and-play setup to get going with the HibouAir.

  • Highly Compatible

    HibouAir offers you both Standard Air Quality Index (AQI), Particulate matter PM.10, PM2.5 and PM1.0 or CO2. Also temperature, Humidity and ambient pressure.

  • Superior Design

    We put effort in creating a nice and user friendly design.

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