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Monitor and improve the air quality in your indoor environment.

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Ideal for homes, offices, schools, and various indoor environments.

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Hibouair is a plug and play solution to get started in a few minutes.

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air quality data.

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Provides valuable insights to improve indoor air quality

Indoor air pollution can have a significant impact on our health and well-being. From allergens and dust to volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and high levels of carbon dioxide (CO2), the quality of the air we breathe indoors can have long-term effects on our respiratory health and overall quality of life. That's where HibouAir comes in.

Our cutting-edge device, equipped with cloud and Bluetooth (BLE) connection, allows you to easily access and monitor real-time air quality data. Whether you're at home, in the office, or in a classroom, HibouAir provides you with accurate and reliable data to make informed decisions and take proactive measures to improve your indoor air quality.

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HibouAir solution

Discover a revolutionary approach to maintaining a healthy home and office environment with HibouAir – now designed for seamless connectivity without the need for Wi-Fi or a gateway. Access your air quality data locally with HibouAir's desktop application. Our advanced air quality monitor takes the hassle out of setup, offering a plug-and-play solution.
With its user-friendly interface, you can make informed decisions to reduce indoor pollutants and promote clean air for your family or colleagues.
Protect your loved ones from potential health risks and enhance your home or office's air quality with HibouAirs desktop solution - an affordable and cost-effective solution.

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Transform your business environment with our Cloud Solutions ensuring seamless air quality management for large-scale deployment where HibouAir stores air quality data into the cloud for easy access and further analysis.
Take informed decision with our powerful analytical dashboard, offering real-time insights and alerts with historical data for comprehensive analysis.
By creating a clean and safe indoor environment, businesses can enhance productivity, reduce absenteeism, and creates a workplace that prioritizes the health and comfort of employees.

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Desktop Solution
  • Suitable for personal use
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Desktop application
  • Mobile application
  • 7 days data storage

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Cloud Solution Enterprise
  • Suitable for business
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Gateway
  • Analytical dashboard
  • Mobile application

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Cloud Solution Lite
  • Suitable for business
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Wi-Fi client
  • Analytical dashboard
  • Mobile application

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Monitor, analyze, breathe fresh

Take control of your indoor air quality and breathe confidently

  • Access your air quality data simultaneously across multiple devices. Whether it's your mobile or desktop, our solution allows you to conveniently monitor and analyze your indoor air quality data in real-time.

  • HibouAir stores up to 7 days of air quality data, providing you with a comprehensive history for in-depth analysis. Gain valuable insights and track trends over time for a proactive approach to improving air quality

  • Make informed decisions based on the air quality data provided by HibouAir to create and maintain a healthy indoor environment.

smart indoor air quality monitor
air quality indoor monitor
Leading the way in air quality sensing technology

Intelligent sensors for healthier indoor environments

Our cutting-edge your personal solution for monitoring indoor air qaulity is equipped with a range of advanced sensors. From pressure and temperature to humidity, light, and VOCs, our sensors deliver precise and accurate data. The CO2 version detects carbon dioxide levels, while the PM version measures particulate matter.

Trust our sensors to empower informed decisions and create healthier indoor environments.

Comprehensive air quality data at your fingertips

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Versatile usage for any indoor space

Creating healthy environments everywhere

HibouAir is not limited to a single setting. Its versatility makes it suitable for various indoor spaces like homes, offices, gyms, greenhouses, schools, and conference halls. Experience the power of HibouAir's monitoring capabilities to ensure a healthy and clean environment wherever you are. Breathe better, live better with HibouAir.

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Questions & Answers

What is the meaning of indoor air quality?

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) refers to the condition of the air within buildings and structures, specifically how it affects the health and comfort of the occupants. It encompasses factors like the presence of pollutants, humidity levels, ventilation, and temperature. Good IAQ ensures a clean, comfortable, and healthy indoor environment for those living or working within a space.

Why improve indoor air quality?

Respiratory diseases from household air pollution are preventable for 2.8 billion people worldwide. Research, co-funded by NIEHS, shows that prenatal household air pollution exposure increased the chance of developing pneumonia in the first year of life.

What are the symptoms of poor indoor air quality?

Occupants of homes with poor indoor air quality may complain of symptoms such as headache, eye irritation, fatigue, dry throat, sinus congestion, dizziness, and nausea. Because many illnesses can cause these symptoms, diagnosing sick building syndrome is difficult.

Can you improve indoor air quality?

Usually the most effective way to improve indoor air quality is to eliminate individual sources of pollution or to reduce their emissions. Some sources, like those that contain asbestos, can be sealed or enclosed; others, like gas stoves, can be adjusted to decrease the amount of emissions

What should indoor CO2 levels be?

Indoor CO2 levels are typically recommended to be below 600 parts per million (ppm) for good air quality. However, levels up to 1,000 ppm are generally considered acceptable. Beyond 1,000 ppm, increased CO2 concentrations may indicate insufficient ventilation and can lead to discomfort and potential health issues. Regular monitoring and maintaining adequate ventilation are essential for optimal indoor air quality.

How can I check the air quality in my home?

You can monitor the air quality in your home using an indoor air quality monitor. These devices typically have sensors for CO2, particulate matter (PM1, PM2.5, PM10), VOCs, temperature, humidity, and more. Place the monitor in different areas, regularly check readings, and follow device guidelines for interpretation. One of the most reliable air quality monitor is HibouAir. Additionally, you can check online air quality indexes for your area.

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