• August 15, 2022

Monitor air quality at small office with HibouAir

People generally spend more than 80% of their time indoors and of that time, a large part of the active population spends their 8-hour workday in an office. People’s health depends largely on the indoor environment where we work, live or carry out any type of activity for a long time.

Ensuring good air quality inside an office is essential to guarantee the health of workers, which also translates into better work performance. 

The causes of poor air quality in offices

Various factors can influence indoor air quality, mainly of organic compounds present in the air.

The physical factor of the thermal environment (temperature, humidity, air velocity) also influences air quality (for example, an increase in temperature can favour the volatility of certain compounds or the proliferation of certain moulds and bacteria). 

Main indoor air pollutants in offices

Allergens such as pollen: can aggravate respiratory problems and cause coughing

Carbon dioxide and volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

Humidity: Certain bacteria and fungi can grow in spaces without sufficient ventilation. They can cause breathing problems

Chemical substances: cleaning products, paints… can cause headaches and even nausea.

What consequences does poor air quality have for the worker?

Poor indoor air quality has a significant impact on the comfort of the workers, giving rise to inconvenience, feelings of discomfort and inconvenience (dazzling, lack of concentration, dizziness, cough, etc.).

How to ensure good indoor air quality in offices

To ensure good indoor air quality in the work environment, it is essential to monitor indoor air quality and ensure good ventilation.

An air quality monitor can help us see things more clearly by providing measurements of the air that is present around us. Knowing what’s in the air can give us peace of mind, reveal sources of pollution and help us take action.  

The measurement of CO2 for office as in indicator of air quality

The correct ventilation of indoor or closed environments is essential to control possible exposures to respiratory viruses – among them, the cause of the COVID-19 pandemic. But how to ensure that the environments we occupy are properly ventilated or maintain air circulation and purification systems that protect us?

Being produced naturally by people, closed or poorly ventilated environments will always have higher concentrations of particles and gases such as CO2 than those with adequate air flows. And it is environments with little ventilation in which the effects of poor air quality, in addition to a possible source of contagion, are found.

Since CO2 is the gas that is most abundantly produced by the respiratory process, gas and particle concentration meters have become a fundamental tool for health care. 

These air quality monitors take a sample of the air in environments to provide certainty about the ppm values ​​of carbon dioxide and other particles found in them. Air quality monitors allow us to understand exactly if space is safe and healthy, or not. 

Why HibouAir 

HibouAir is an air quality monitor specially designed for indoor air quality monitoring. HibouAir comes with a quick & easy set-up. No need for wifi, gateway or cloud connectivity. Its design is sleek and the navigation of its desktop and mobile applications are simple and effective. The app presents information in a logical way, with a clear display of air quality. The device is easy to set up and use, as it doesn’t require connecting or pairing. It displays the current indoor air quality data and shows reading graphs for the past 7 days. The colour codes (green, yellow and red) indicate whether the measurements represent good, moderate or severely polluted air. 

The HibouAir app has proven to be extremely stable.

Monitor air quality at office with HibouAir 

HibouAir analytic app provides real-time air quality data from multiple devices. A desktop setup with a dongle can provide an overall air quality snapshot of the office. An employee can also use the mobile app to access data whenever they want. 

Air quality monitoring solution for small office

  • 5 CO2 Air quality sensor
  • 1 USB dongle
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