Cisco Space Solution

Follow this guide to connect your HibouAir device to Cisco Space and get the air quality data using HibouAir Cisco Space application.

Installation Manual
  1. Download the HibouAir app aimed for Cisco Spaces.
  2. Connect your device to a power source and stay close within bluetooth range.
  3. Device list screen shows all the HibouAir Cisco Spaces devices and their status.
    Select a device to display sensor data.
  4. Device details screen shows sensor data.

    CO2 sensor data

    PM sensor data
Onboarding with Cisco Spaces
  1. Login to your Cisco Spaces account. Click here
  2. Select IoT Services > Device Management from the menu on the left
  3. Click on the Onboard Devices button
  4. Enter the order ID to claim your device
  5. Login to Cisco Spaces App center
  6. Go to App Center or click here
  7. Search for HibouAir Lite
  8. Activate the app
  9. On the next screen select Sign up for an account if you do not have a HibouAir account or login with existing user. Click continue
  10. Accept permission and select the location where the device is located.
  11. Select HibouAir Devices location and click Select & Activate
  12. Once you activated HibouAir Lite, you will be redirected to HibouAir Cisco Spaces dashboard. The dashboard will ask to add device mac address to access data for the first time.
  13. Click on Add device
  14. Write down device MAC address and a name for the device on Add a device screen.
  15. Once the device are added, you should be able to see updated data on the screen
  16. After activation, you can always access HibouAir Cisco Spaces dashboard at or select HibouAir Lite from Cisco Spaces dashboard.

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