Outdoor Solution

Follow this guide to set up the HibouAir Ourdoor devices and get access to your environment data using HibouAir Analytical dashboard or Mobile Application.

Note : A SIM card needs to be inserted before delivery.

  1. Download the HibouAir mobile application.
  2. Connect your device to a power source and get close to the device.
  3. Example of outdoor application mounted on traffic light.
  4. Login to HibouAir cloud with your credentials or use as Guest.
  5. Device list screen shows all the devices and their connection status. Select your device to view sensor data.
  6. Device details screen will shows sensor data based on device type.
Get Data from the Portal
  • Access your account on Sensor Analytics Dashboard at Hibou Portal
  • Enter your credentials to login into your Dashboard Account.
  • Using the dashboard setup button , you can customize the dashboard to show current or historical air quality data for a specific device and sensor.