• January 24, 2023

Identify the problems in buildings environment to reduce the risks of diseases spread virus like Covid 19

On july 2022 The Lancet COVID-19 Commission has release a Task force report “The First Four Healthy Building Strategies Every Building Should Pursue to Reduce Risk from COVID-19”, that calls for every building owner and operator should pursue to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission. The commission focused on lowering the amount of virus-laden aerosols in indoor air by Increasing outdoor air ventilation to dilute aerosols and reduce their concentration and/or enhanced filtration efficiency to remove particles from recirculated air have been shown to be effective as part of an overall strategy to reduce the spreading risk.

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health also recommended the building systems should verify heating, ventilation, and air conditioning are performing as intended.

While monitoring the indoor air quality, you need a measurement tool that will give a real time level of pollution in the indoor environment, before taking actions. According to that you can set up your building. For example, control ventilation, upgrading air filters etc.,.

Most important to choose the best air quality monitoring device for healthy buildings

HibouAir is providing air quality monitoring devices with a simple setup that helps you accurately monitor the indoor air quality for observations and studies to preserve a healthy air quality environment. HibouAir provides CO2 or particulate Matter (PM) and volatile organic compounds (VOC) and also the other parameters such as humidity, temperature, atmospheric pressure & light level that affect the ambient environment around us.

HibouAir comes with two different variations; particulate Matter (PM) and CO2 sensors.

There are several indoor air quality monitoring solutions provided by HibouAir:

Users can choose the best solution that meets their requirements.

HibouAir mobile and desktop applications work for any solution which provides real-time air quality data of nearby devices over Bluetooth. The data will store only new days. 

HibouAir Dashboard account is available for cloud solutions, which provides real-time data with various maps, charts and graphs for analysis. It can also generate alert notifications and periodically reports upon request. The cloud solution can store the data in the cloud so we can not lose the information.

For more information please visit our websites Smart Sensor Devices and HibouAir.

The indoor air quality monitoring solution

  • 5 CO2 Air quality sensor
  • 1 USB dongle
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